Today was our first day into the city. We took the Matatu which is like a taxi bus all the way to town. It took like 3 hours to finally reach town because all of the traffic. The Matatu drivers are reckless. There are no speed limits or traffic laws. If there is a red light you do no have to stop. They even drive on the sidewalk. We went to go buy our phones, groceries, and had lunch. The chicken and chips were delicious (chips= fries.) When we got back Leila and Brandon played street soccer with the children that live around our apartment. Brandon broke our water filter trying to kill a mosquito. Brandon and I had jet lag because of the lack of water and high elevation. This is a new way of life for us.

-Sophia Worth



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2 responses to “Nairobi

  1. Jeff Worth

    It sounds like you all are having quite an experience. I am looking forward to reading more details about the different places that you are deploying the laptops at. Tell us some stories about the kids and what their situation is and how they are reacting to you. We love all of you very much and pray for your happiness and safety!


  2. Lydia

    Sounds like my Brandon 🙂

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