Kibera slum

We went to Kibera (2nd largest slum) and it was sad but the people didn’t look sad like we thought they would.  They were just going about their day because it’s all they know.  There’s a school in the slum called KTDP and we’re taking 40 of the OLPC laptops to distribute there.  We’re not giving them out yet because we still have to go to the workshop for training in Rwanda. We just went to meet the children today and they were so awesome!!  They all started saying “how are you” over and over when they saw us.  And eventually they start chanting it in unison because apparently Americans say that a lot so every time kids see musungos (white people) they say how are you! We fed them lunch and it was fun, they cooked white rice and beans for them so they have full tummies.  Being here has given me more hope for these people because there are a lot of other people here that are doing things for them.  Like the school we were at today, it used to be a huge club in the middle of the slum and now it’s a school thanks to Pastor Edward.  It’s truly amazing and inspiring.  Today was a good day.




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2 responses to “Kibera slum

  1. Robert Braxton

    Our group of 22 is flying on 30 June from Virginia and will be in Nairobi a couple of nights (max) before heading out to Eastern Province in Kenya where we already delivered six XO systems and intend to augment. We spend one month (four weeks) in country. Could communicate privately for making contact between two parties.

    • ubcolpc09

      Hello Robert,

      We will be deploying at the Pokot tribe. It is about a days drive from Nairobi and we would be living in tents. Your team is welcome to visit our deployment site- we may also be in the city, depending if we are on schedule with the teacher workshop. We are leaving this thursday. Please e-mail me at

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