Do It Yourself Safari

Today was an extremely adventurous day.  Oliver and Derick (deploying XO’s in Ghana) stopped for two days in Kenya so we got together to road trip to Mountain Kilimanjaro.  6531_104614510885_542980885_2314161_1606597_nWe met around 8 this morning and headed out in the guys’ rental which was a Mitsubishi Lancer.  Little did we know that the highway would be cut off and it would take us on the rockiest detour ever, needless to say we hit a few bumps on the road.   I should also mention that it was Sophia, Brandon, Alex and I all in the back seat squeezed in like sardines.  We got stuck in the sand, of course, and tried pushing the car, which made it worse and only ended up in us eating a lot of dirt.  Other safari vans passed by and made sure to cover us in red dust and not stop at all. 5260_1174247604098_1465309600_30479546_8131142_n It was great.  Finally, some construction workers helped us get out so we continued on our voyage to Mt.  Kilimanjaro.  The road started getting worse and we left a piece of the car behind but Oliver insisted we were ok.  We drove for another 30 minutes after that and could see the mountain far ahead.  We decided that was good enough, took some pictures and headed back because we feared the little engine would not make it any further if the road got any worse.  Africa 215After a few hours on our way back, Oliver said the brakes were out.  That was kind of scary but he said they worked on the second pump so we thought, ok whatever we’re in Africa.  When we got to the spot where we had been stuck earlier we saw a poor civilian in the same predicament so we had to pay it forward.  The guys all mustered enough strength and lifted the car over their heads and placed it on flat ground. Well, not exactly lifted, but they got them unstuck.  At this point we are exhausted and afraid the car has been beat up near its breaking point so we decide its only fair to get a car wash.  6531_104614530885_542980885_2314165_4625570_nIt was the most environmentally friendly job I have ever seen.  They barely used water but managed to do the most thorough car wash in history for the bargain price of three bucks.  On our way back we also accidentally knocked someone’s side mirror :/ Luckily we also settled that for the bargain price of 15 bucks.   So all in all we drove for a total of 10 hours and had a wonderful day!! 6531_104614535885_542980885_2314166_3874458_nYeah it was rocky but we saved ourselves 300 dollars, skipped the small talk with strangers (had we been on an organized safari in a huge van) and STILL managed to have a great experience! We saw nature at its most beautiful and natural state and took amazing pictures.  We saw ostriches, donkeys, giraffes and mountain Kilimanjaro!!  If there’s a lesson to be learned it is only to… take a Chevy.



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  1. Sylvia

    Wow. Leila, your 6/21 entry sounds amazing! I have to believe your trip will change you forever in a positive way; and change all of us as we learn vicariously through you. I know I am going to share your experiences with folks I believe are special enough to appreciate what a wonderful service you are all doing. Stay well. x0x0

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