Where we’ve been and where we’ll be.

We may not be in such constant contact soon.  Our deployment site, the Pokot tribe with which we will be living during the implementation and training, is more than a little remote.  Just the sort of community OLPC should be involved with.  Tonight is a bittersweet night for me.  On the one hand, I am excited to begin our journey out to West Pokot to finally begin the grunt work on our project.  On the other, it is the last major stage of my time here in Kenya.  Throughout this month I have been privileged to observe and work with and learn with and from the others in this group.  They have seen me at my most calm, happy, excited, fearful, and teary as I am likely to get in such a short time.  They’ve heard me rave about my friends and memories from this place.  They’ve courteously listened to me when I’ve given advice, whether they thought it sound or not.  And together we’ve hammered out what initially appeared to be insurmountable problems in our way towards what we knew must be our deployment site.  And yet, I’m not able to see it through the finish here with them.  I will have to return from West Pokot, and from Kenya, earlier than they.  Responsibility beckons.  And yet I cannot only feel disappointed or envious, because I know that even without me the right thing is being done for a people who desire it to be done by and with them.  I am honored to have been a part of this project, and I pray that my presence has helped advance our collective vision as far as it could in the time we’ve been together.  All of you reading this, pray with me for us and on my return for Brandon, Sophia, Alex, Leila, and our gracious hosts at Karama House and West Pokot, that all of these may impact one another.  And that these collective impacts network out from us even further from the good work which we are trying to do into all of the choices we are presented with, coloring and influencing them towards the good, the beneficial, and the appreciable.  God bless.



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