Sustainability Update

During our last week in Pokot we decided to have a meeting at the bore hole with all of the community, City Harvest and SNV. We had a lot of positive response, the parents promised to send more children to school and SNV decided to partner with OLPC and host another teacher workshop in August. I never imagined that we would get such amazing results. Not only did the teachers learn more about the applications on the XOs but also SNV donated a computer,printer and internet for the school. SNV is even thinking about purchasing more XOs in the future. The teachers are also able to send e-mails to us now.
Here are some of their e-mails:

The training done from 10th to 14th of August 2009 supported by the above departments has brought a significant change and encouragement to the trainees.All teachers from Asilong and Toroko with their chief became excited.
The Asilong members were presented a computer and modem by SNV in order to access internet and KIFICOM donated printer to enhance easy printing within the school. All this will promote E learning.
The attendance were happy and promised to share the knowledge with the entire community and become computer initiators. They will become seeds sown in pokots and marakwet society.
May god bless SNV, CITY HARVEST, KIFICOM, OLPC AND E- LEARNING CONSORTIUM(for peace will prevail)
By Nicholas Krop Lorikow FROM ASILONG
I hereby joyfully thank your contribution [ELEARNING Consortium] training people say about computer I thought was like [sky was limit].
Your training encourages soul that already demolished about technology. I approved to put more effort for limit I have heard. My prayer to have one laptop one time, tears for harmony relay to volunteers of training [snv, elearning consortium, city harvest, and kificom for training , laptops and water to Asilong
My God bless you
Benson kitiyo—FROM ASILONG
I would like to say thanks to all those who took part in facilitating a one week computer training to Asilong primary school teachers at Eldoret.
To start with I can say the training was good and enjoyable one. We had the best teachers, who were not only good in training but also friendly and willing to equip us with their knowledge on computer
As we are going back to Asilong, I think all that we acquired throughout the training period will be of use to Asilong community. we promise the OLPC group that their donation will be of benefit to the community. We also dream of making Asilong the champion of ICT in the region and liberate the community from the negative attitude they have on child education, especially the girl child. Your donation of laptops has made the school to register an increase in pupils population.
summary my thanks and gratitude are to all the facilitators of the training. the donors of XO laptop, the donors of safaricom modem, the donors of the printer and desktop computer.
From SIKUKU KORIR EMMANUEL—teacher Asilong
I am happy to note that the need of Asilong problems is now available in the internet. City harvest, kificom, SNV really deserves great thanks. This school started in the year 2003 with little or no hope of progress, the school now has something to smile about because its future is being catered for, as a new administrator of the school I promises to learn the use of ICT and transform the school and the entire community to the world of ICT technology. With the use of laptop computers and other related computers provided to school, the school is going to be a computer literate and computer center in North pokot and perhaps the whole of north rift region.
From the head teacher Asilong primary
Mr. Francis Merireng
This has been a break through for the tribe at North Pokot. At first they had no food, water, electricity and adequate knowledge- and now all the doors have opened up for them. Without the help from everyone, our team, our supporting parents, OLPC, UBC, City Harvest and SNV we never could have made it this far. I am excited to see what blessings the future brings to the tribe at Pokot. God bless!

-Sophia Worth



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9 responses to “Sustainability Update

  1. Grace

    The progress has been nice so far and we are trusting God that the pokot people will enjoy all services that other people do enjoy. Thanks OLPC team and UBC.Forever in our history.

    Grace City Harvest.

    • ubcolpc09

      We are very glad to hear that the program is doing well! We are so happy that we were able to go to Kenya this year and look forward in returning next year!

  2. Today National Council of churches Kenya (NCCK) and SNV have a workshop for community facilitors who are responsible for empowering the Pokot and Turkana communities on issues of development, under the Pastoralist Education Programme (PEP). The ongoing workshop is to review the progress made in training school management committees in these areas to write school Improvement plans( SIP). SNV has used the opportun ity to sensitise the facilitairs on elearning initiative and how it can transform education and lives of children in poor areas environments. One facilitator Mr. Renzon Apakamoi from near Asilong reported that the children in Asilong can now speak English after using the XO laptops.Some Turkana and Pokot secondary school students partcipating in the workshop hail the elearning initiative . ‘ I envy the Asilong children and I wish the same programme would take off in my loaction’ said Sarah Lochodo the community facilitator and assistant chief for Kainuk sub location Turkana south district. Photos available in the link above

  3. hehehe yeah good thread but missing a LOT of info. I got cerfified in 4 weeks and how did I learn so fast?? lol —->

  4. Sarah lochodo A/chief kainuk

    Dear donors,safcom,kificom,snv n othr distngshd welwishers that supported asilong from the word go, am impresd by ths gudwork of oxs,may i bring to your attntn of such similar school in turkana south called suggstng that whn the same is introduced cattled rustlng wil b gone n educatn aneighboring chief to the place.sarah

  5. kukali Anne

    The website is educative and i would really like to be part of the work of kificom as in assisting children with hearing impaired in terms of ICT integration in their learning.
    Thanks and may god bless your good work as you continue serving the kenyan children

  6. This is very commendable…a true spirit of giving

    thumbs up

  7. Waoooo!
    The New Head Teacher of Asilong- Mr. Joachim Krop is participating in Mouse Mischief- A Microsoft initiative empowering teachers on how to create their own content under Partners in Learning Program. Great Success. Bravo Krop

  8. Children at Asilong primary school will now be able to access Msingi Pack through the XO laptops. Thanks to our partners (SNV, Kificom &Virtual Essence). Msingi Pack is a localised sylabus – oriented e-learning solution for kids in upper primary school, teachers and parents through, that is easy and exciting to use, allowing the kids to study and revise, and providing the teachers and parents as well, with more teaching resources and a way of tracking the kids’ performance.

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