OLPC Conference in Boston

Howdy Ya’ll,
It’s nice to be back in Texas, however, I miss Kenya with all my heart! I had the opportunity to represent our team in the Boston, Massachusetts OLPC Conference. We basically did a whole de-briefing about our projects. We were told that OLPC may not continue to do small portion deployments. They are looking to saturate whole countries like they did in Uruguay and Haiti. Whatever the outcome, OLPC Kenya will continue to support Asilong Primary School. Our ultimate goal, however, will be to saturate all of Kenya. Our plans of now include starting club organizations at our University, writing grants, and finding donors for future deployments. On a larger scale we are setting up meetings with the Prime Minister, Board of Education, OLPC representatives, and our NGO’s to discuss this mass deployment. Who knows what our future holds and with faith in God I believe that this project will flourish.



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  1. Jennifer Bowser Gerst


    I am eager to get in touch with someone on your team.

    When I worked with International Reading Association (IRA) for five years on programs in the Africa region, I came in contact with an absolutely dynamic teacher at Kilimo Primary School, which is based on the campus of Egerton University in Njoro, Kenya. She was participating in a UNESCO-funded teacher training project, and eager to implement additional support at her school.

    Margaret Muthiga is a spectacular literacy advocate and has been highly successful at building a library with over 500 titles for her school, using donations from various contacts she met through IRA. She is the recipient of a 2007 International Association of School Librarians Award and also serves on IRA’s Early Literacy Committee. Although her school is based at the university, they are not funded by the university. So, she has had to endure much of the difficulties that most primary schools in her town endure.

    When I went with my husband and mother-in-law to visit Kenya in August, she was really eager to put a computer center together AND they had already cleared a space in a classroom block for this effort. She wants to benefit not just the school, but the greater community. But they need computers and people to get their project going!

    Margaret is really, really dynamic. Kilimo Primary School would be a great partner, AND, Margaret’s son is an IT/Computer Science major who would probably offer some great help in this endeavor.

    I would greatly appreciate a contact on your team. If you are looking for more sites, Margaret is a real go-getter. She will make this project happen, AND she will tie it closely to literacy skill-building. She is brilliant!

    Who do I contact?

    Warm regards,

    Jennifer Bowser Gerst
    Washington, DC
    Tel: 202-412-2113
    Email: bowserjennifer@gmail.com

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