A Time of Thanks

While hearing from our NGO in Kenya, City Harvest Ministries, it was brought to my attention that the Pokot children in Asilong were not able to attend school. This was worrisome because it meant that the XO’s were not in use. We found out that Asilong Primary school ran out of food to feed the children during the school day and that the children could not be reinstated until the problem was resolved. The OLPC Kenya branch discussed possible solutions to raise the money in order to feed the children. This bump in the road occured around Thanksgiving and we couldn’t imagine the children be without food. Luckily our team member Alex raised over $200.00 in funds through his fraternity (Tau Kappa Epsilon) for the children in Pokot. Now we are happy to say that school will continue, along with the OLPC project. On another note, we have applied for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and are in Phase II of the grant process. Please keep OLPC in your prayers as it is our goal to one day saturate all of Kenya.

If you are in the Christmas spirit or just want to help out the tribe in North Pokot, please go to: www.christmasforkenya.com
UBC Waco teamed up with area artists and local business, Common Grounds, to create a Christmas album. The album can be downloaded with an optional donation. All proceeds will go straight to building a well in Western Kenya for the Pokot Tribe.

God Bless!



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9 responses to “A Time of Thanks

  1. Joe

    God bless you Sophia and watch over your work.

    I hope this works out. I will be very interested in seeing if the Gates foundation is willing to support a project which is everyday undermining the microsoft monopoly.

    You refer to the “tribe in North Pokot”. I know Kenyans use the word ‘tribe’ a lot but I’m not sure your western readers will understand what it signifies here. Did you mean ‘town’ or ‘speakers of a particular language’ or ‘clan of related families’ or ‘bunch of uncivilised heathens’? Tribe has been used in the West with all of these meanings.



    • ubcolpc09

      Dear Joe,
      Thanks for your support. By tribe we mean speakers of a particular language as well as clan of related families. The people of North Pokot are not heathens- they are the exact opposite. They are kind souls who are in need of aid (by aid I mean educational, food, water sources, and medial aid.) They have their traditional ways of living and it is not our intention of interfering with their ways of worship or culture. We are simply here to help these people so they are not left behind in the world. It will be up to them to decide how they want to incorporate this new technology- whether it be through new agricultural techniques or knowledge regarding hygiene or basic medical care etc.

      Sophia Worth
      Seek• Aspire• Attain

  2. Mathew

    Early this month, SNV North Rift and partners donated three sacks of Maize. Thanks to God

    • ubcolpc09

      This is wonderful news. We are blessed to have SNV part of One Laptop Per Child. We commend you in all the help SNV has given us.

  3. Brooke Marchewka

    Hello OLPC Kenya team,

    I am a student at Masconomet Regional High School in Boxford, Massachusetts. I started a club at my school called the Global Initiative Volunteers (GIV) Club, which is focused on introducing students to international philanthropy. Our current mission is to donate 100 XO laptops to students in Kenya. I have read your blog and I would love to talk with you more about your experience in Kenya. One of the major obstacles our group faces is receiving approval from the School Commitee to go on this deployment trip, which we are planning for two weeks in February 2011. I would greatly appreciate speaking with you guys about your time in Kenya with the XO.

    Brooke Marchewka
    Global Initiative Volunteers Club President

    • ubcolpc09

      Please feel free to call me or email me.
      512-743-4434 (please call after 7pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends.) I wish you the best luck with your deployment and I would love to help in any way. I can put you in contact with some government officials or our NGO if you need any additional guidance during your deployment. God bless!

      Sophia Worth
      Seek• Aspire• Attain

  4. Mathew Kituu

    The situation in Asilong is completely different in all aspects in less than a year after deployment of the XO laptops. Many government officials and other dignitaries have visited the initiative. Last week the SNV Country director together with the Head Teacher Asilong Mr. Krop presented success stories at the Regional Education Conference on eLearning in Nairobi. Everybody now wants to go to Pokot and see the success of the initiative.
    Kificom will be camping at Asilong in the next few days to support the teachers in exploring all the functions of the XO laptops for the benefit of the children there. The pupil population has almost doubled due to the new technologies in teaching. Two teachers from the school will be attending the eLearning Africa Conference next month to share some of the success stories of the initiative.
    Join us in changing the plight of these children living in ARID Pastoral areas. Otherwise, this will be one of the most successful initiatives in Africa.
    Cheers to all those who have supported. Sophia and your team, you planted a seed that is now bearing fruits. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey, I met you all in Pokot last summer with Edward. I will be traveling back to Asilong in just a couple of weeks. Is there anything I can do for you while there? Im sure much has changed over the last few months with the lap tops. I thought Edward said that internet was on the way? Let me know if I can do anything for you while there.

    Rusty Akers

  6. am glad for all these. now the kids can operate the xo perfectly. community has accepted education due to xo laptop

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