Aid For Africa

Just over a year ago, Brandon, Leila, Alex, Cory, and I were in Kenya at about this time. Our life changing experiences continue to influence who we are today. We truly believe we planted a seed for the future and education in Kenya. We are still trying to find ways to support the tribe in North Pokot. Brandon Webb continues to fundraise for the college education of Paul and Carlos. Alex and I are hosting a fundraiser during the month of October within our school through our sorority and fraternity Alpha Sigma Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon for medical supplies needed in Pokot. Leila and I are continuously working on workshops and lesson plans dealing with basic healthcare, hygiene, language arts, science, math, and computer science. Brandon is also working on getting toothbrushes donated from a dentist. Even though we may not physically be in Kenya we are there in spirit. Everyday we hold a special place in our hearts for our Kenyan family. Leila and I will be visiting North Pokot and Nairobi for 1 month next summer in 2011. We send our best regards and blessings. I want to include an e-mail update that Pastor Rusty sent me:


Wanted to let you know that Edward and I spent a couple of days in Pokot earlier this week. You would not believe the transformation that has happened in just a few months. The rains have come and it is green everywhere! The community has planted many acres of corn and beans, and they seem to being doing really well. The school is bursting with children, and an organization that I work with at home has come along side them to provide temporary food relief. We do not want any of the children to have to leave because of a lack of food. We are also planning to provide outside training to the students on how to grow food for themselves. We hope that in the next 3 years the village and school can become completely sustainable on their own! We hope to train them in a number of areas in regards to taking care of their environment. Things like crop rotation, replanting trees, garbage and human waste control. There are some great things happening in Asilong, and you and your team should be proud of you contribution. The XO’s are still in good shape and are being used daily by the children. Pretty amazing stuff.

Rusty Akers – pastor


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